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Collagen is the most important structural protein in the connective tissue of the skin making up approximately
70%. It occurs in the form of fibrils which are non-cross linked in young skin. As we age, these fibrils are
increasingly cross linked, which reduces elasticity, lowering the water-binding capacity; increasing the
wrinkling of skin.


Quickly replenish collagen for the skin.
Make skin firm and increase skin elasticity.
Keep skin moist, lifting and elastic.


Coenzyme Q10 helps increase skin’s moisture content, slow down collagen loss, enhance brightness of skin
and reduce fine lines leaving skin more elastic.

a. Aging deferring
b. Anti-Oxidant
c. Add coenzyme to the aging skin
d. Promote hyaluronic acid synthesis
e. Inhibiting collagen breakdown


Argireline relaxes facial tension, leading to the relaxation of facial muscles that contribute to lines and wrinkles. Note that Argireline’s effects are very similar to those of BOTOX injections. But where the FDA only allows BOTOX serum to be injected in limited areas of the face, Argireline may be applied wherever lines and wrinkles appear. One published study showed a 30% reduction in wrinkle size after only 30 days of using Argireline.
Benefits: Erases Wrinkles & Fine Lines.

With 30 days:

33% decrease in wrinkle density
23% decrease in volume of wrinkles
20% decrease in depth of wrinkles

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