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  • Collagen Essence


    Collagen is the most important structural protein in the connective tissue of the skin making up approximately 70%. It occurs in the form of fibrils which are non-cross linked in young skin. As we age, these fibrils are increasingly cross linked, which reduces elasticity, lowering the water-binding capacity; increasing the wrinkling of skin. Benefits: Quickly replenish collagen for […]

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  • Comprehensive Facial $155


    The Capricious Spa Comprehensive Facial is tailored to your skin’s requirements. Do you need additional exfoliation or extractions? The additional time provided for this facial will allow our estheticians to provide exceptional treatment specific to your needs. Comprehensive Facial 75 min. $ 155 * Double cleanse * Extra extractions or exfoliation based on your skin type * […]

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  • Custom Facial $95


    Our estheticians will deliver your skin’s best health with the combination of a professional double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, soothing massage, masque, toner, skin protection and moisturizing. Additional products and therapies may be added to target the individual needs of your skin. 50 mins $95

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